How we can help

Establishing a successful business development campaign in unknown markets can be challenging for many software companies. Many suffer due to a lack of time, resources, and localised experience. At Amazic, we help software vendors navigate this obstacle and launch their products into new markets with minimal risk and high reward.

Increase awareness

We will assist you in crafting your go-to-market message and positioning your solution within the industry. Together, we will identify and engage potential clients, highlighting the value of your software and its ability to address business challenges. We will capture and relay market insights and feedback, enabling you to gain a deeper understanding of your customers.

Develop Sales Pipeline

We will assess clients’ interest and deliver highly qualified discovery calls to your sales team. Our sales efforts will generate consistent pipeline. Moreover, we will assist in executing the Discovery Calls by collaborating with sales to enhance alignment on value, identify needs, and validate interest for future discussions.

Support Sales efforts

Our team will serve as an additional sales force for your team, offering complete transparency through a comprehensive handover procedure, CRM transparency and regular progress update Calls.

How Amazic Accelerate can help

Using best in class processes
to bring you to the next level

Our expertise in sales allows us to support the entire process of establishing a successful business development campaign, from market analysis, tailored messaging development to spreading awareness and creating qualified pipeline. With Amazic as your partner, you can rely on our experience and support to help you find success.

Our Play Book

How we do it.

Step 1

Align and enrich knowledge

Understand product, market and ideal prospective client.

Step 2

Develop Go-to Market message

Collaborate together to design the perfect go to market.

Step 3

Identify and Hunt

Target ideal customers and promote product awareness.

Step 4

Engage and Pitch

Educate prospective clients on product.

Step 5

Pursuit and Qualify

Work to understand prospective clients needs and qualify interest.

Step 6

Support and Transition

Transition prospective opportunity to sales team providing deep background information.

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